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"We put forth our best effort each day."


Of all of our accomplishments, we take pride in greater performance, diversity, and innovation. We’re honored to be recognized for our success as we continue our journey. While we’re proud of our accomplishments as a business and global community, it’s reaffirming when third parties also recognize our efforts.

Raj Pillay Thandrayen and Goldwyn Thandrayen at  Houston, USA World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB)  with 

The Inspirational Company award in 2013


Peak of Success, BIZZ Award - USA, 2014 


The BIZZ Awards are organized annually by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) and seeks to distinguish and honor successful businesses, organizations and individuals with entrepreneurial excellence.

The BIZZ Award, Peak of success and inspirational company, was awarded to Thandrayen Pillay and Refrigeration Centre Ltd. Excellence in business performance and effectiveness in customer services management became key qualities pushing us ahead of other candidates.

Inspirational Company Award - Houston USA, 2013


The Inspirational Company Award was held by the World Confederation of Business in Houston, USA.

We walked away with the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) - The Inspirational Company award at Houston, USA.

Century International Diamond Quality ERA Award - Geneva, 2008


The Century International Quality ERA Award recognizes and promotes companies, organizations and institutions that understand the dedication, continuous improvement, innovation and relentless pursuit of productivity that leads to excellence.

The CQE award winners represent the role of being a driving force in the business world in public and private institutions, creating opportunities in different countries and fields.

Africa SMME Award - Cape Town, 2008


The Africa SMME Awards were organized by Africagrowth, where it enterprises companies that made their mark from all over the continent.

We were awarded with the second prize for successful small, medium and micro enterprise in Africa.

International Platinum Star for Quality Award - Paris, 2007


The International BID Quality Award in the Platinum Category, is awarded to outstanding persons or organizations in the world as an endorsed symbol for quality and excellence in the products or services they offer.

Our company was awarded the International Platinum Star for Quality Award in recognition of outstanding commitment to quality and excellence.

International Quality Crown Award - London, 2005


The International Quality Crown Convention Award is a key element of the BID convention, becoming a powerful marketing tool designed to recognize the prestige of outstanding companies.

Mr. Thandrayen Pillay, the Managing Director of Thandrayen Pillay Refrigeration Centre Ltd, was offered this award by the BID Awards Convention. He was appreciated for the recognition of his company's efforts, towards implementing quality management in the work process.














Raj Pillay Thandrayen, the CEO of Thandrayen Pillay Refrigeration Centre accepting an International Quality Crown Award in London 2005.



Certificate of Appreciation - Mauritius, 2017

Certificate of Appreciation in recognition its tiredless dediction and support towards the elderly and deprived population in its CSR program in 2017. 

Ozone Certificate - Mauritius, 2006

This is recognized for the extraordinary contributions in the research and development of ozone and climate-friendly alternatives, promotion and facilitation of their adoption and use, or studies on financial and technical issues. The Ozone Certificate was offered by the Ministry of Environment for our contribution in the protection of the ozone layer.

Sablier D'Or Danfoss - Denmark, 1999

Certificates of Recognition create a competitive environment as individuals strive to achieve their goals by meeting the standards we set forth. We received this certificate for pushing the boundaries of excellence forward and reaching new heights in the continuous race for achievement.

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