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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The spread of the Corona virus made a big impact not only to the people of China but is now also becoming a global concern. All businesses are affected -including the HVACR industries.

After mid February , refrigerant manufacturers resumed production slowly but insufficiently. Meanwhile , due to the limited raw material production and lack of domestic infrastructure, obtaining raw material becomes very difficult. Actually almost all refrigerants have increased in price, especially R134a, R32, R143. Whereas for the other blended HCFC, the price is more stable.

A note from Maersk throwing more fuel in this alarming situation. “ Maersk will apply effective 28th February 2020 a congestion surcharge of USD 1,000 per container for ALL Reefer cargo arriving into Ningbo to cover the additional cost of re-routing “.

Suppliers are confident that the situation will return to normal when the virus will be stabilized.

It is likely that all supply of refrigerant and other HVARC products will have a delay thus causing shortage of the market.



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