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From a turquoise to an oily sea.

What was the Wakashio doing in our waters, so close to our coasts? Satellite images - the transponders of the bulk carrier having been tracked from space - show that it entered Mauritius' Exclusive Economic Zone on July 23, just before 11 a.m., i.e. more than two days before beaching.

On the Wakashio's road layout, it is clear that it adjusted its direction shortly before its passage south of the Maldives, about four days before its accident. This new direction took him directly to Mauritius.

So what happened? Reports indicate that four sailors having been questioned by authorities yesterday (Monday August 10) were celebrating a birthday on board. If they came so close to us, they would also have picked up a wi-fi connection...

Why haven't the coast guards reacted immediately?

What use is the airport radar which could not detect the vessel a few nautical miles away?

The situation today is the result of a hellish string of bad decisions by the government of Mauritius, an angry population reacting to the oil leak in the Pointe d'Esny lagoon and the threats of an oil spill to the south eastern coast.

It’s a scandal from start to finish and at every level. The government has not been unable to take decisions. What were the motives? Environmentalists, ecologists, fishermen and every normal person can forecast the extend of the damage to our lagoon, coral reefs, marine life, beaches etc. Why the Police Press Office denies that there was oil spill and warned facebook and other social media users or anyone to be arrested for fake news? They do everything in the dark and say that everything is 'under-control', until everything is completely out of control.

People want to know what really happened. Why all this mystery? Unfortunately, fraud and corruption is becoming our priority. The damage to our environment, the suffering of the population, poverty and unemployment are no longer concerns of our rulers.

It should be noted that Wakashio has been docked on the reefs of Pointe d’Esny for 13 days and has 3,800 tons of heavy oil in its hold. All the coastal line from the South to the East of the island is completely damaged by the oil of Wakashio. Very fortunately, volunteers and NGOs have promptly reacted by creating oil booms out of sugar cane straw, hairs and plastic bottles to make barriers to limit the damage.



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