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Leading Associations implore to stop installing high GWP refrigerants R404A and R507A.

Major refrigerants in the Chinese market, including R32, R134a, and R22 have seen price rises of over 50% before holiday, compared with the prices in September 2017. In particular, the price of R32 increased greatly, more than 70%.

Most people believe the increase will continue in March and perhaps April. However, some refrigerant prices increases may start to slow down after the Beijin Exhibition in early April.

R404A & R507A

EUROPE: Leading associations from all sectors have joined together to implore contractors to stop installing high GWP refrigerants R404A and R507A.

European contractor and manufacturers’ groups AREA, EPEE, EFCTC and ASERCOM warn that failure to take immediate action will threaten the survival of many refrigeration and air conditioning contractors’ businesses

In a hard-hitting new document the groups provide a stark message to the industry: “If you want to stay in business, you have to stop installing R404A/R507A – now

HFCs with a high GWP are hit the hardest but if the consumption of these HFCs does not go down rapidly, all other HFCs, including blends containing HFCs, will suffer as a result. Reductions in the availability of R410A and R134a are already being experienced across Europe



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