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Panic Buying

The outbreak of the COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus has been detected by now in 188 countries leading to over 13000 deaths.

People all over the world are stockpiling on food , medicine and sanitizers. In fact, it is the outbreak of mass hysteria in many countries, including Mauritius. This panic buying is a phenomenon that happens during a crisis, arrival of a cyclone among others . People know their needs like candles, water, biscuits and non-perishable items. With COVID-19 , panic buying is an emotional response to a situation that generates fear and uncertainty . No one knows when the virus will stop ruining our lives, depriving us our freedom of movement and destroying our economy.

People rushing in vegetable market in Port Louis.

Australia seems to be the place where the panic frenzy over toilet paper began. This was spread on different social media platforms -the rush on buying toilet papers is endless. This has not spared our Mauritian citizens although Paper Manufactures produce toilet paper for local consumption.

Day before the lockdown, some customers called to buy our stock of specific products. Being responsible business people we have to think of our other customers. Unfortunately, Supermarkets did supply stockpilers without having a single thought to other consumers. Probably it's a way to make more money in the name of Coronavirus.

Empty shelves in supermarkets

Governments should impose like martial law to the population and retailers to limit the amount of food products and other necessities. All around the world including France, England and USA the mass hysteria of buying and buying is at its peak. It is incredible, people queuing to stock marijuana in front of coffee shop.

Do we really care to have a proper hygiene to fight the virus.



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