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Life After Lockdown

Meanwhile people who remain living under the most stringent measures are fearful of what will happen when these rules are lifted. Thought of socializing is one of the things that makes one more anxious. Many people are concerned about whether the lifting of lockdown is too early and increasing the rate of infection. But some are also worried about returning to a more normal life.

After you've been inside for a long time, it can feel very strange to go outside. But one common factor we all share is the amount of change we have gone through, in a very short space of time.

Scared of stepping out of your home after lockdown? Everywhere people wearing masks, giving the feeling that you are in a Surgery theatre surrounded by nurses and doctors.

At times you feel safe with a mask, but unsafe when crossing people without masks as they look like a potential active case of the virus. You are not taking the public transport nor request a lift from your friend. Avoiding talking to people -even your best friend, you need to keep the distancing from.

With a mask on your face, you just say a quick hello to your colleagues and run to your office. You communicate only through your computer or telephone. You bring your own sanitizer and cleaning materials into the office. Every now and then, you wash your hands and sanitize your table. The cleaning obsession is so strong. You are afraid to use the office coffee machine as too many of your colleagues have used it before you. Maybe the virus is there. Cannot use the office lunch room, it is too risky. Anxiety is at its peak. The worst is when you go back home. Should you hug your children whom you have left during the day? A single cough or sneeze can increase your worries.

Our authority has failed to prepare the population for the after lockdown; to avoid phobia, reduce anxiety and other mental disorders.

Some fear and anxiety is useful as it prevents us from being reckless and irresponsible. But too much anxiety can cause mental health issues and lead to unhelpful coping strategies. Because anxiety is an unpleasant feeling, many people will resort to various things to consume in order to change their emotional state.

Going down your memory lane, happy were the days when you could hug your friends and colleagues, share a piece a cake and a joke around a table. Going out for a happy hour to sip a beer or glass of wine.

Concerned about everyone, their happiness and their sorrows.

Raj Pillay


"Happy were the days when you could hug your friends and colleagues ...going out for a happy hour to sip a beer or a glass of wine"



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