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Is the world at war?

President Xi Jinping called the Chinese suppression effort a “people’s war”. President Trump labeled himself a “wartime president.” President Macron declared that France is “at war”.

All are referring to the same invisible enemy: COVID-19.

The world is confined. Confinement is a form of mental torture due to the sensory deprivation and lack of human contact.

Central banks act to calm financial markets to avoid downfall of the economy. Almost all private sectors had to stop business. Loan is not the priority of business men on long nor short term. No sales, no income, no consignment on the way, there's uncertainty of arrival of goods to your port.

Countries with small economy and no resources will face hard situation to survive. Mauritius depends a lot on tourism. Hotels will be closed which affects both direct and indirect employment. Unemployment will burst which may create social unrest.

Airports are closed, airplanes are on lockdown on the ground and movement of people from one frontier to another is restricted. Movement to the supermarkets and gas stations is controlled by the authority. Coming back to your homeland makes you a suspect who has been in contact with the enemy. This is a war time recipe.

Social distancing is the new phenomena; no shaking hands, no kissing, no social gatherings. No sharing a glass of wine with your best friend for his birthday. Even attending funeral is not allowed. Neither is visiting your old parents who are sick. If the next door neighbor calls for help, you will make the deaf ears fearing the enemy has visited him. He will be there waiting for you.

Eventually, we are at the doorstep to death of society.



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